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Zax is a simple utility token created with an existence on Binance Smart Chain! As the name suggests, this token encompasses the entire crypto universe in one circle.

It can be used to transact directly among the users. It is available on DEX and CEX platforms. The token has been curated in such a way that it solves multi purposes in one go! The primary function being paying for different kinds of transactions flawlessly. Zax is not restricted to any particular domain, it can be utilised for all sorts of online payments.

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How does it work?

Zax is a form of digital token that gives the users to access product or service in the blockchain network. It allows the entire business to gain interest from investors. These tokens are often safe to use and offer transparency in their functioning methodology.

Zax helps the companies to build a secure environment that provides discounts and gives a huge scope of inducting different payment methods. If the products or services are in high demand, therefore, this can work well in the market. By holding Zax, you gain access to the platform.

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Zax Tokenomics

In the following segment you can see exactly how we plan to distribute the funds we raise from the token sale.

  • 27% Pre sale 5,670,000 ZAX
  • 18.3% Liquidity (locked) 3,843,000 ZAX
  • 10% Development (locked) 21,00,000 ZAX
  • 10% Cross Platform Integration 21,00,000 ZAX
  • 10% Staking Rewards (locked) 21,00,000 ZAX
  • 10% Team Token 21,00,000 ZAX
  • 7.7% Marketing 1,617,000 ZAX
  • 5% For CEX Listing 1,050,000 ZAX
  • 2% Airdrop/ Giveaway 4,20,000 ZAX
Token Contract Address

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Some activities may require users to mint Zax NFTs in order to start earning Zillion Aakar Xo.

About Zax as a Utility token

Zax is all about safe transactions and speedy processing!

It is a utility token, which states that as per the transactions using the token increase, the benefit of reflections and liquidity pool is achieved. Liquidity pool ensures that with every transaction, 3% of value is added to the pool. Reflection states that the 3% is distributed among all the token holders!

This way, utility token, Zax, advantages one and all!

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Benefits of
Zillion Aakar Xo

  • Zax helps in preventing the drops in exchange and makes every transaction speedy and more efficient.
  • It can be used in building a relevant ecosystem even when the products and services are not decentralized in nature.
  • Zax is Easily adopted in any sector and utilized as per the requirement of the business.
  • Zax token gives different benefits such as discounts, upgrades, and bonuses alike for every user.
  • Zax tokens give some loyalty points in online stores. If you have a lot of loyalty points, you can qualify for bonuses, upgrades, discounts and much more easily!
  • As much as the popularity rises for the Zax tokens for purchases, it benefits us in a very profitable way!
  • We have the top and trending automobile, food and beverages, hospitality industry in our loop for the usage of Zax token!

Zillion Aakar Xo Roadmap

Our strategy for coming years
June-July, 2022

Project planning Zax token landing page PRE-SALE Launch zillionxo.io Logistics services

Aug-Nov - 2022

Fundraising plan for Zax utility tokenBlockchain integration for zillionxo.io

Dec - 2022

IDOs for Zax utility tokenDEXs/CEXs listingDEXs/CEXs listing

Jan-Mar - 2023

Launching "dropping to earn"Crypto payment integrationZax mobile walletDeFi staking for Zax token

Apr-Jun - 2023

Raise fund for ZAX Governance tokenLaunch liveStreaming platformOnboard KOLs/InfluencersPrepare FGT Governance token

Jul-Sep - 2023

IEO for FGT Governance tokenDeFi Staking for FGT token

Oct-Dec - 2023

Buy now, pay laterDeFi lending for Zax tokenZax starterLaunch full service in Canada & UK (G7 market)

Jan-Mar - 2024

Community group buyingDaily play-to-earn gamesShopping metaverseLaunch full services in France & Italy (67 Market)

Apr-Jun - 2024

Complete all main features ready for market expansionDevelop Physical goods NFTs marketplaceE-commerce franchisingRebranding & Market expansion planning

Jul-Sep - 2024

Market expansion to SEAMarket expansion to South Asia

Oct-Dec - 2024

More market expansionMore operationalMore operational

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